Chamomile and Its Benefits to Our Health


One of the most used herbs in centuries is chamomile. This herb’s plant is part of the Compositae family. Chamomile is prepared from dried flowers of Matricoria species and is founded in 2 types, German and Roman type. People know it as that one tea herb which is used to calm different easy pains or stimulate sleep.

Both Roman and German chamomile are used to benefit our health but the second type is most used and studied. In Germany, there is an approval about chamomile being used to decrease swelling, fight bacteria and as a dietary supplement especially for stomach cramps. Chamomile can be found on the market as an infusion(tea), dried flower, liquid extract or as a cream.


Chamomile is mainly used to treat gum inflammation, wounds, chest cold irritations, abscesses and skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and chickenpow. You can also use chamomile tea to calm your stomach pain, to improve sleep and even for menstrual discomfort. But not everyone can be safe while using chamomile, as the pollen it contains may lead to allergic reactions.

For pregnant women is also advisable not to consume chamomile if they don’t get their doctor’s approval first. They need to do this because of the strong nature of the elements and chemicals discovered in chamomile, as they can probably cause any interactions. So best would be to talk to your doctor, before you consider drinking chamomile tea regularly.

Proven benefits of Chamomile

Chamomile has resulted to be a very effective alternative medicine which has almost none negative side effects. That’s the reason why it has been used for about 5000 years since it was discovered. Its usage consists in cosmetic forms, standardized tea and herbal extract to give people vitality, tranquility and a youthful good looking. Let’s introduce you with 7 wonderful health benefits of this amazing herb called chamomile.

  1. Chamomile fights depression and anxiety

According to a research from Pharmacology Review, chamomile is considered one of the most used medical herbs which helps in fighting depression and anxiety. Chamomile has the ability to relax blood vessels and also smooth muscle fibers. This result is due to the application of Chamomile’s important constituents, luteolin, opigenin and bisabolol, which are all hydroxylates. A recent research by Eulji University showed that chamomile has a strong effect to calm and soothe the system.

Researchers enlisted 19 patients diagnosed with depression and anxiety, 16 people who had a history of depression and anxiety and other 22 people who had no anxiety and depression history. All these people were studied while taking a treatment which lasted 8 weeks. Researchers discovered that 57% of the people who used chamomile extract had reduced anxiety with more than 50%.

  1. Chamomile improves immune system

There isn’t any better natural way to boost your immune system than drinking chamomile tea. There is a specific quantity of phenolic elements in chamomile tea which is mainly connected with fighting all bacterial infections in our organism. Researchers have proven that 5-6 glasses of chamomile tea during two weeks can significantly strengthen the body’s ability to eliminate infections.

  1. Chamomile takes care of your skin

Chamomile is known as an anti-inflammatory for its rich nature in antioxidants. That’s the reason why it is used as a beverage. If you are having any irritations or skin problems such as eczema, best would be to apply chamomile tea in the irritated area. It is proven by several studies that this kind of direct application will boost healing and lower the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes on the face.

  1. Chamomile relieves menstrual pain

Chamomile tea is a well-known choice for women coping with menstrual symptoms due to its relaxant and anti-inflammatory nature. These symptoms include the inability to sleep, cramping, bloating, anxiety, sweating and mood swings. Chamomile tea soothes the mind and body by lowering inflammation that is causing all these symptoms.

  1. Chamomile improves sleep

For all those people who find it hard to sleep and struggle every night of insomnia, the best natural solution would be to drink chamomile tea. In the same manner that chamomile tea eases stress and anxiety, it can also boost sleep. So don’t deny yourself a warm cup of chamomile tea every night before going to sleep as it will help you sleep quicker and get up feeling refreshed.

  1. Chamomile helps with diabetes

Chamomile has a great effect on regulating the quantity of insulin in blood and reducing blood sugar levels. That is the reason why all those who suffer from diabetes should consume chamomile regularly. Chamomile contains strong organic chemicals which assist on removing massive spikes and drops in blood sugar. It is recommended to consult with aa doctor before using any herbal treatments.

  1. Chamomile improves stomach problems

Chamomile has proven to be very helpful in treating stomach aches. This effect is due to its anti-inflammatory nature which assists in easing the twisting condition of the gut and letting the passage of smothen powell movements and gas. So whenever you ‘re feeling any stomach pain, drink a cup of chamomile tea and you will definitely feel better.


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