The Curative Properties of Honey

Curative Honey

Honey is a wonderful gift of nature in which the properties of an excellent food, beneficial alike to adults and children, are combined with medical properties. Honey has a great importance as a medicine.

It is used for many diseases and possesses many-sided therapeutic properties. This “magical” food is very effective in the treatment of some pathological conditions, the respiratory organs, the nerves and heart.

Benefits of honey

Honey contains flavonoids and antioxidants which help reduce the risk of some heart diseases and cancers. Recent research says that honey treatments help disorders such as ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis.

The heroes of honey “bees” swallow, digest and regurgitate nectar to make honey, which contains already 600 compounds. Honey is made up of glucose, fructose and minerals such as iron, phosphate, sodium chlorine, potassium, magnesium.

1. Reduces cough and throat problems

Honey “beats cough medicine” at alleviating and reducing the frequency of cough. It is the best cure if you have cough for days and also throat irritation. It helps a lot and just a single dose of buckwheat honey is already effective as a simple dose of dextromethorphan in relieving nocturnal cough and we can say that it allows proper sleep.

2. Heals wound and burns

An external application of honey has been shown to be such effective as the conventional treatment with silver sulfadiacine. The usage of honey is very successful in healing wounds. It has immediate natural effects and helps in reducing pain of different burns.

3. Helps in athletic performance

Studies have been showing that the daily usage of honey in athletes helps in enhancing their performance. It is verified by modern studies that it is superior in maintaining glycogen levels and improving recovery time than other sweeteners.

4. Treating allergies

Honey is suggested to be used in treating allergies. It is useful in some seasonal allergies. According to a recent study, which included people with ocular allergies, showed that participants responded better to treatment with honey compared to some other medicines.

5. Fights infections

Scientists reported that honey’s ability to kill bacteria lies in a protein called defensin. Manuka honey is effective at treating chronic wound infections and prevents them from developing in the first place.

This kind of honey kills bacteria by destroying key bacterial proteins. Natural honey has the ability to kill bacteria three times more effectively than artificial honey.

6. Hangovers

When you get a hangover from drinking too much alcohol, remove its affects by applying honey remedy. Honey is really gentle on our stomach and contains natural sugars which speeds up the oxidation of alcohol by the liver, by acting in this way as a sobering agent.

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