How to Gain Weight Safely and Fast

Gain Weight

Gain Weight the Correct Way

Gaining weight can be often even more difficult to people than losing weight. Majority of people in the world suffer from the deep overweight or obese, but there is also a great number of them who are trying to gain weight.

These people who are underweight, they have a body mass index under 18.5. In the US, 24% of women and 1% of men older than 20 years are considered to be underweight.

What you should know is that being underweight is as harmful for your organism as being obese. There are some problems related to being underweight such as fertility issues, risk of osteoporosis, fractures or infections.

It is a really important that you gain weight in a healthy way, which means you should gain weight steadily and slowly. Here are some ways to accomplish this purpose.

  1. Eat More Protein

You should consume more food which contain protein such as chicken meat, fish, milk, eggs, cheese and yoghurt. An American study at 2012 discovered that proteins play an important role on gaining weight. Those who had the least quantity of protein gained the least amount of weight. Often the lack of protein may lead you to pack on fat.

  1. Get More Calories

It is important you have more calories than your body burns. So even if you’re eating 3 meals per day and you’re having all kinds of foods, you will not gain weight unless you follow this step. But which are some healthy foods which have many calories.

Vegetables are very healthy but they aren’t part of the category of foods which will help you gain weight. This means you should consume food such as : nuts, milk, rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, coconuts, chicken, olive oil, which will give you the right amount of calories.

  1. Eat 3 Times per Day or More

It is recommended that you eat many times during the day. And the key for that is to ensure that your snacks are not big, so you will be able to eat again after 3-4 hours.

Waking up early and having breakfast early may help you achieve this step. If you sleep 8 hours than you’ll have 16 hours to eat, which is basic for the whole process of gaining weight.

  1. Never Drink Water Before Meals

The explanation is very easy: by drinking water before your meal, you will fill your stomach faster and you won’t get the necessary calories.

  1. You Must Train

The best for you would be to go to gym 3-4 times during the week and lift heavy weight. Doing this will improve your strength and will help you build your muscles.

But be careful not to burn up all the calories you got from your meals. Training will help gain weight and in meantime you will form the body shape you always desired.


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