How to have a good sleep during the Summer.

Sleeping Woman

Having trouble making a good sleep?

Sleep is a condition of body and mind which affects our daily functioning and our mental and physical health in many ways. A good sleep means having a good day and a good maintenance of life.

Many people suffer from insomnia and do not know how to get rid of it forever. It is a state which might not totally disappear but at least we can help in reducing it by following these instructions.

  1. Pick a comfortable position.

Many people suffer from bones or back pain. It is really important for them to try and sleep in a comfortable position, if they want to have a good sleep during the night. It is important to sleep on your favorite side with knees pulled up toward your chest and recommended to sleep on your back only for them who don’t have back problems. Be careful to not sleep on your stomach because it can cause breathtaking issues and also neck pain.

  1. Don’t sleep during the day.

If you had a very long working day and you exercised a lot during it, then you tend to fall asleep easier than those who did nothing or even slept in the afternoon. Get regular exercise but never exercise close to bedtime because this can stimulate you and makes it hard to fall asleep. Avoid any temptation of sleeping during the day.

  1. Make your room comfortable and keep it cool.

We know that during summer everything we have around bother us. If we’re in a hot and not comfortable place then we will not be able to sleep. We have to make sure that our room is clean, tidied, dark and quiet. It is important to create a cool atmosphere inside it and you will be stimulated for sure to sleep and also have a good one.

  1. Don’t eat a heavy dinner.

In some cases, sleep problems are related to health conditions such as obesity. Scientists say that lifestyle modifications are needed to prevent sleeping disorders. Maintaining a healthy diet can help us to reduce sleep problems. If you eat on time and never have a late dinner, it will help you a lot in having a good sleep. A heavy dinner is bad for the health and also for sleep. The intensity of food digestion and metabolism is close to shutting down by night hours.  This way this is going to bring you problems in the stomach and will make it harder to fall asleep. So please avoid late night meals if you want to have a good night sleep.

  1. Use the bed only for sleep.

Last but not the least, we should use our bed only for bedtime. Even if you feel tired, achy or cranky during the day never use your bed as a solution.

Different games or other activities should be done at a desk instead of the bed.

Training yourself to associate with the bed only during the sleep, this can help you falling asleep more easily and consistently.

    In this way you will find your bed more comfortable and you are going to have a good sleep.


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